Ravie Cookies

Ravie Cookies

Ravie Cookies: In the beginning, the customer’s order was to create a design for his product ( cookies box ) and he chose the carton box for its packaging in order to be environmentally friendly and also to indicate that the product is completely healthy. He told us that he is now going to produce three flavours of it, namely He would have preferred to put something symbolising nature or early morning in the background of the product , since most of the people who take it in the morning with tea or coffee, the customer did not want intense colours in the design, rather he wanted it vivid and simple

Green Food Company: It is a nascent company that is being established now located in southern Ukraine by two brothers who love cookies and chocolate. They have agreements to manufacture cookies and ship them to America and some Asian countries such as Singapore and Malaysia. The first products of this factory is Rivia natural cookies, and they are now installing production lines for cookies

Design stages: First we focus on the design being simple and expressive. Where we used white as the main colour for the product so that it covers more than 65 percent of the work area

Second: Adding elements from nature. We looked at many of the elements that can be added to the product so that it symbolises that it is natural, and as the customer requested that it also symbolise early morning, we experimented with the sunrise, but that was a great and widespread tradition of many designs, so we chose a simple drawing of tree branches and added a cute bird on it to symbolise activity and early morning

Product Logo: We chose a simple and elegant font for the name of the product, and added a leaf from the tree branches above the letter (i) to denote the point and create a piece of art.

Colours: We carefully chose the colours for the three flavours, we respect the customer’s desire to choose the colours and we choose the shades of the colours , i decided to distinguish the three flavours by only changing the colours on both sides of the box and adding a small colour space in the middle of the box
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